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How to Get New Links of Tamilrockers All the Time ?

Here e are going to see how to get updated links of Tamilrockers for downloading new and HD movies of all Languages.  We can download Video Songs, MP3 Songs Zip File (Group of Song) Using Search option.

Its very simple just click below Youtube link and watch in Description for LATEST URL.

Youtube Link : TamilRockers Updated Links

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Sunday, 1 October 2017

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Hack WiFi Network and Crack WiFi Password from Android Mobile in Just Two Minutes

Like we always Android is not just a phone. It’s much more than an average phone. Now here we with another trick, that you were going to do with your android phone. Nowadays I receive 10-20 messages on email, Dude how  I hack wi-fi password from android mobile. It is possible or not.
Now I write this post for my readers who daily read my blog and want clear your doubts about wi-fi hacking from android mobile. In this post, we briefly describe you how you hack wi-fi network and crack the password of any wi-fi from android mobile.

What you really need for Hacking WiFi from Android Mobile 

  • Android Phone with good Processor and RAM 
  • Your Android Phone Must be Rooted (Rooting Guide and advantages of Rooting ) 
  • Good WiFi network signal (which you want to hack)

There are many apps on Google Play for hacking WiFi from android mobile but, believe me, guys most of it is fake or pranks.  

WPS Connect (Crack or Hack WiFi Password) Many Guy says this is the fake app but hey guys this is not a fake app, this is working app for hacking wi-fi password from android mobile. You can hack WiFi network with this app, which hasWPS enabled in security. 

WPS Connect for Crack WiFi Password from Android Mobile

If you found any wi-fi network in your Android mobile, which shows WPS security. You can easily connect with any WPS  security wifi without given any type password. WPS Connect bypasses WPS security and gives you access to connect with wi-fi without typing any password.

WPS Connect Screenshot
REQUIRED TO BE ROOT !!!! With this app, you’ll connect to WiFi networks which have WPS protocol enabled. This feature was only available in version 4.1.2 of Android. App developed for educational purposes. I am not responsible for any misuse. WPS: WPS Connect is focused on verifying if your router is vulnerable to a default PIN. Many routers that companies install own vulnerabilities in this aspect. With this application, you can check if your router is vulnerable or not and act accordingly. Includes default PINs, as well as algorithms such Zhao Chesung (ComputePIN) or Stefan Viehböck (easyboxPIN). 


WiFi Kill (Disable Other User WiFi Connection) 

WiFi Kill disables other user wifi connection, and you can loot whole wifi internet speed in your android mobile. If you experience slow wifi internet speed in your Android mobile because of a too many users on same wifi network. Download WiFi kill and Kick off another wifi user from your wifi network.
WiFi Kill

Saturday, 13 February 2016

How to Know Who Viewed Your WhatsApp Profile Today?

WhatsApp has always been users’ favorite when it comes to instant messaging. WhatsApp is now different than what it was until some time back. Especially afterFacebook bought WhatsApp, we have witnessed several changes in the app. WhatsApp now allows you to hide your last seen; it introduced a new feature that lets you know if the receiver has read your message or not, it now allows you to make calls to your WhatsApp friends and so may other tweaks which improve your overall WhatsApp experience.
On AhemAhem, we’ve an article on WhatsApp tricks covering over 15 tips to improve your WhatsApp experience. On the same post, we were asked if there’s a way to know who’s viewing our WhatsApp profile. Like them if you’re also eager to know who checked your WhatsApp profile, who’s constantly spying on you by checking your profile photo or your WhatsApp status, who’s looking up your profile again and again repeatedly or in short to find which WhatsApp users are interested in you, this short guide is for you.
Remember, this isn’t an official feature. The original WhatsApp application doesn’t support it and as far as I can get from WhatsApp forums and support, the team is in no mood to add this feature anytime soon since it violates the privacy of its users. But that shouldn’t upset you because some developers still think it’s a feature much needed by WhatsApp, and therefore, we’ve this app named WhatsApp – Who Viewed Me developed by someone who paid heed to a lot of people wanting to find if someone is spying them and if yes, who?
This app isn’t present on the Google Play Store. It used to be there but was taken down. However, you can
download it from 1mobile. Check Update 3 (Ctrl+F or go to the bottom of this write up)

Who Visited My WhatsApp Profile?

Who Viewed Me

As you might have already guessed, WhatsApp — Who Viewed Me? Is an Android app that enables you to perform a quick check on visited your WhatsApp profile today or in the last few days. You can also find out who views your WhatsApp frequently. It’s no longer difficult to find the contacts who’re impressed by your statuses or profile pictures and who keep coming back again and again.
Quick Tip: The person checking out your profile frequently may simply be spying on you and might not be in love with you!
It’s very easy to use this app.
1. Just download it from the link given above. You might be forced to install the 1mobile app market on your device. Do it since you don’t have the option to bypass it right now. However, you can uninstall it later on.
2. You might want to enable installation of Android apps from unknown sources before installing this app. So, go to Settings -> Security -> Under Device Administration, check Unknown Sources.
3. Now install the app and run it.
4. Hit the big green colored Scan button.
how to find who viewed my whatsapp profile today
Wait for a few seconds while it scans all your contacts to find out who viewed your WhatsApp profile today. Once it has examined all your contacts, it will show a complete list of all the users who’ve visited your profile on WhatsApp that day. In my case, it only shows a single name. That hit me hard, ohhh! No one’s stalking me it seems.
This app is completely free to use, however, please don’t use it for any illicit purposes. It currently doesn’t have a premium version, so we cannot guarantee how long this app will be developed. For now, it supports all Android 2.3+ smartphones with WhatsApp installed in them and an active internet connection.
Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a similar app for other platforms (iOS, Windows or BlackBerry). There was news on an application available for Jailbreaked iOS devices, but it failed to work for us when we tried to test it. We will update this post as soon as we find an app that works on devices apart from Android allows you to find who’s spying you on WhatsApp.
Update 1: The app misses out on several profiles. I tried to find who viewed my WhatsApp profile a minute back. I purposely visited my profile from 4 phones but, unfortunately, the app couldn’t detect even one of them. Maybe it takes time to update the results, or the app is fake. I’ll post another update soon.
Update 2: Well, a year down the line, the app still functions like it previously did. By that I mean, it’s a fake, and it does not show the names of people who recently checked your WhatsApp profile, but rather shows some random name. So to avoid creating misunderstandings, refrain from using this app. I’ll update this post when I’ve a better way to find who’s stalking you/me.
Update 3: The developer has deleted the application from 1mobile. We didn’t bother to find it’s duplicate since the application didn’t work as desired in our recent tests and is possibly a fake.
Update 4: It’s a fake. Confirmed. For those who are waiting for an alternative to this application, I suggest you to not do so. I do not think WhatsApp will ever implement this in their app and the possibility of an external developer developing a similar app that actually works is difficult since WhatsApp’s security/privacy mechanism is strong enough and no one so far has been able to break it. I suggest you to give up on this. I am sorry.

WRevealer : 

WRevealer is another app which allows you to find out who’s stalking you on WhatsApp. Unlike most apps which are first available on Android, this application is available on jailbreaked iOS devices. I haven’t tried it yet (09/01/16). I will try it the coming weekend and update the result here.

Tuesday, 9 February 2016



BY Gopal Krish  

I have posted an article about Microworkers few days ago. There I explained inside and out of that website. Here all jobs are very easy but some people find difficulty to do forum post. Many people post thread in forum and submit the link to get paid. But after that, there job is declined. Because admin of that forum has removed your thread before you get approved. In this article we will see step by step how to do forum post at Microworkers. This article also teaches you how to create backlink.

So you have entered into your account and saw available jobs. Now select one of the jobs by clicking it.

How To Do Forum Post At Microworkers

Now you can see the Job details. Read well. I am now writing job details for you as an example.

Job details:

What was expected?
This job is different from many other forum posting jobs. You can't just post a new thread with your existing account from forums you are familiar with. I only accept comment from existing relevant topic.

1. Go to (Password: microworkers)

2. Learn about our services and check the additional instructions

3. Find a forum thread relating to the keyword shown at "2. About the post"

- The forum must be in English and PR2+ 
- If there is already a comment about our service in the same thread, go and find another post.
- Make sure you know what anchor text is and how to make anchor text in a forum.

4. Reply with a 30 words+ positive comment in a current relevant thread

- The comment should include one or more keywords shown at "4. Keywords to be included.". Use one of the keywords as anchor text and make a clickable link to our website.
- Do not start a new thread.
- Do not comment on a thread that has already got a comment about our service.
- Do not link to You need to visit the link to find the real website we are promoting.
- Do not try to cheat me by submitting non-related URL. I check manually. As a worker, you need to keep your successfully rate above 75%, so don't take the chance.
- Do not copy other comments.
- Do not spam the thread.
- Do not post comments on non-related thread.
- Do not post illegal, offensive, negative or harmful information.

Start Working:

So we have read the job details now it’s time to complete it. He has given a link and I visited the link and get description of his website. Now we have to find a forum which is related to his keyword. And the forum must be PR+2. You can check the page rank of a website by this link.Check PR.

It will take huge time to check every forum manually. So follow these steps.

Step 1: 

Go to Google and search Seo Quack addon for Firefox. Download and install it. Then you will see a SQ icon in the bottom of your Firefox browser. Click it once to activate it and click once again to deactivate.

Start Working step 1

Step 2: 

Now go to tools/Seo Quack/preferences. You can also go there by right click on the icon. A dialog box will appear. Now go to Parameter and put mark on the google. You may deselect others. See the picture.

Start Working step 2

Step 3:

Now go to Google and type Keyword+ forum in the search bar. Make sure your Seo Quack is on. Now you will see a list of website and below them you will be able to see there page rank. See the Picture

Start Working step 3

Step 4: 

Now select a forum that has high page rank. Create an account at that forum. Sign up is simple so I am not showing this. I suggest you to create a different gmail to do this type of work. I don’t do this work by my personal email. Also ensure another thing that the forum allows you to put link. There are few forum which doesn’t allow to give link. See some post before sign up.

Step 5: 

Now we have to find a thread that tells about poker game. I have found this thread and created a comment. Try to ensure that your comment is natural. You can read the comment that I made from the picture.

Start Working step 5

Step 6: 

Now our job is done we will give username and the link of my comment in the box. Now click the button I confirmed that. Your task will be approved within 2-3 days.

Start Working step 6

I think you enjoyed this article. If you face any problem to work in Microworkers then please make a comment and I will create an article for you. You may also share your opinions and your experience of work in Microworkers. I am waiting for your response.  

Monday, 8 February 2016

How to get Windows 8 (8.1) Product Key without Software

How to get Windows 8 (8.1) Product Key without Software

                   Here Open Notepad and Copy Paste Below Code Fully and Save as 

Thursday, 4 February 2016

How to Hack a WhatsApp Account

How to Hack a What'sApp Account

By Gopal Krish

WhatsApp has become one of the most popular app to share messages and media instantly. It has also become a favorite place for many to engage in illicit activities. Therefore, in order to investigate the truth, people are left with no choice other than to hack WhatsApp account.
We can do this in two ways:
1. WhatsApp Hack using a Spying App: The Easiest Way:-
Even though there are several ways to hack WhatsApp, using a spy app is by far the most simple and easiest way. This method requires no prior hacking knowledge or technical skills to carry out and hence more suitable for common people. Installing a spy app to hack WhatsApp is as simple as installing any other app on mobile. Out of several apps out there, mSpy is one of my favorite one to hack WhatsApp.
mSpy Features:-
  • Hack phone Calls and Text Messages.
  • Track Real-Time Location with GPS Tracker.
  • Spy on Contact List and Web Browsing activities.
  • Monitor Emails, Pictures and Videos.
  • No Rooting Required!
How to Hack WhatsApp with this App?
  • Download and Install the app on to the target phone which takes not more than a minute.
  • After this is done, the app silently records all WhatsApp activities in hidden mode.
  • All the recorded WhatsApp chat is sent to your online account.
  • View all the information from anywhere at anytime with your online account.
  • Want to download mSpy? Download it by clicking here.
2. WhatsApp Hack by Spoofing Mac Address: The Tough Way:-
There is another method to hack WhatsApp known as Mac address spoofing which involves spoofing the Mac address of the target phone on your own phone. Unlike using spy apps, this one is somewhat time consuming and requires technical skills to implement. To spoof the Mac of the target WhatsApp phone address, follow the below mentioned steps:
1. Find out the Mac address of the target phone on which you need to hack WhatsApp account:
For Android – Navigate to Settings —> About Device —> Status—> Wi-Fi MAC address.
For iPhone – Navigate to Settings—> General —> About —> Wi-Fi address.
2. Once you’ve the Mac address of the target WHatsApp phone, you can spoof the Mac address as mentioned in my post: Spoofing MAC Address on Android.
3. Next, install WhatsApp on your phone using the target phone number and verify it.
4. Now, you’ve an exact replica of the target WhatsApp account and you should receive all the conversation and updates on your phone as well.
This method of WhatsApp hacking is quite time consuming and is known to have less success rate when compared to the method of using the spy apps. Therefore, if you are someone who does not have sufficient time and skills to implement this, I still recommend the use of mSPy to successfully hack WhatsApp account.